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There are those who are excited about the work carried out in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, asking how they can support and collaborate in this great project that is the MUTIMA Psychosocial Center, led by Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, director of the NGO COOPERA CONGO.

We need financial support that makes it possible to continue working, that is obvious. But the world is changing and we want to change with it. Flow with your creativity. Let us make room for social networks as agents of change. So that you who are so far come closer to us.

That is true psychosocial action, so that the vulnerable people of the DR Congo regain their strength, their dignity, come to us!

As we have said, it is obvious that we need money, to build adequate facilities, to train professionals, to print informative posters, to pay salaries of committed people, to pay for the internet that unites us to you, so here are the keys for your contribution economic, but also the keys for your creative contribution: WRITE US! GIVE US IDEAS! PARTICIPATES!

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