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With You

Betting on the future

With you we can maintain a quality service, always open and in operation. € 30,000

With you we can train great mental health professionals. 20 pro training

With you we can conduct research on the epidemiology of the most common disorders in eastern DR Congo.

With you we can report on the most common but lesser known mental disorders so that people can identify their discomfort.

With you we can create more "MUTIMAs", because the current MUTIMA / Lwiro in South Kivu has demonstrated the enormous need, but insufficient capacity, given the emergency situation in the country.​

With you, a mental health and psychosocial support service will be provided to:

  • Girls, young women and women who are victims of sexual violence, which, taken to the extreme, experience multiple violations, including mutilation and physical injuries for life. Women who suffer gender violence and problems at home.

  • Men mutilated by gunshot or machete wounds, in the service of their country, or simply for defending their families. Men who have been kidnapped by the rebels to transport what was stolen in their own town and who after mistreating them, abandon them in the jungle to their fate.

  • People who live with a disability, with which they cannot work and are discriminated against by society. People who have been living with mental illness for years and have not had access to help.

  • Children who are orphaned or who suffer continuous physical and psychological abuse, or live in an unsafe home where their figures of nutrition and protection are absent. Children with learning disabilities that no one understands or can help.

  • Elders who have not healed all that their eyes have seen and their body felt.

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