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All about Coopera Congo "COCO"

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Coopera Congo

We are a local association which name means "THANK YOU"

Coopera - Youth for Development Cooperation came to the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006 to develop a Community Conservation program called "Mazingila", which means environment in Sawhili. The objective was the "Protection of biodiversity through the social and economic development of the communities around the Kahuzi-Biega National Park". All activities revolving around the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Center (CRPL).

All the projects we develop are carried out thanks to our partners, the ICCN Congolese Wildlife Authority and the Lwiro Natural Sciences Research Center.  


Coopera España, created in 2008, Coopera Congo, in acronym "COCO", which means "THANK YOU" in the Mashi dialect of the Shi tribe, originally from the South Kivu province. 


Since then, our team has worked alongside expatriate technicians sent from Spain so that we have access to continuous training in the development of development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects.  


After 14 years of working together, we can say that "COCO" is a great family with experts in all the fields in which we work: 

  • Environmental Protection

  • Mental Health and Psychosocial Support

  • Economic and social development of communities with a special emphasis on gender.

Within each field of action, we have developed more than 20 cooperation projects. Each project has been a challenge and a lesson, where we can proudly say that despite our small structure, we make the hope of a change come true for our communities so battered by a conflict that never seems to end.

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