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Pablo and I met at a party in Kampala (Uganda). He was filming "The Other Kid." We laugh at the Spanish accent of him speaking English and we talk about heartbreaking stories that are worth telling. At that time "MAMA" was already working with the chimpanzees and living at home with Itsaso and me and her son.

Pablo got caught up in the story and promised that he would tell it. It was a PROMISE and he kept it.

He and his team finally came in 2018. Itsaso was with a recently confiscated baby called "Ushiriki" and we had a group of thug babies at home, impossible not to love them. The recording was beautiful. We were a great family together with "MAMA" the eco-guards, his team, Cesc, Fer and Pablo himself, Ushiri, and of course Itsaso and me. Today finally the story is also yours and perhaps you will make it your CAUSE.

We continue working, I am now focused on the MUTIMA Psychosocial Center and Itsaso with the Lwiro Sanctuary. We all can be a community that changes things, both the future of chimpanzees and the future of women in DR Congo. "MAMA" represented all the women in the world.

**Please remember that chimpanzees are not pets, their families have been slaughtered to be sold in the bushmeat trade and if they are lucky they will have a second chance at a decent life, otherwise, they will arrive at a destination not suitable for them.

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