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Local Association
since 2008

Address: Center de Recherche en Sciences Naturelles in Lwiro

Kabare Territory, South Kivu Province (DR Congo)


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COOPERA CONGO presents the BIO-PAIX Talent Contest, as an activity of the Mutima Psychosocial Center, which was launched in 2021 to treat the traumas of war in the rural population.


As a Psychosocial Center, MUTIMA, through its community awareness unit, wants to sensitize and inspire society in the South Kivu province on issues of great psychosocial value such as the importance of taking care of their Mental Health, Build Peace, and Protect Biodiversity. 

For this, we have considered that the most effective tool for the change of consciousness is the artistic expression of young people between 18 and 30 years old belonging to the Bashi, Bahavu, Bembo, Bafuliros, Bavira, Barega, Babembe, and Batwa tribes of the South Kivu province.  

His cultural legacy will be manifested through the artistic talent of young people, in the BIO-PAIX contest.


Thanks to this innovative BIO-PAIX talent contest that COOPERA CONGO has launched with great hope, and above all, thanks to the collaboration of international NGOs, national companies, and state entities, we will find innovative ways to deliver powerful messages to the people of South Kivu, that inspires them to take care of their mental health,

build peace and protect Biodiversity. 

For COOPERA CONGO, these are the primary drivers of development that create community resilience. L​as crises that have shaken our province and neighboring countries during these 30 years of war. And these crises have affected people's mental health almost without knowing it due to a lack of information.

If we lack mental health, our social relationships are very complicated, which generates multiple inter and intra-community conflicts. On the other hand, when we have strong mental health, it is more difficult to develop our potential as creative individuals capable of conquering a future full of peace and opportunities.

On the other hand, if we are depressed, anxious, or traumatized, we will live in states of survival, which will not allow us to worry about the importance of natural resources and our biodiversity for the stability of planetary ecosystems and therefore vital for our organisms and our health. community.  

Therefore, these three pillars must be the focus of our actions in daily life and the BIO-PAIX talent contest will help us remember them. 

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