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Autochthonous peoples

Pygmies from the Democratic Republic of the Congo come together to demonstrate both the value of the forest to their society and their role as guardians of this resource.

Valuing the ancestral culture of the pygmy people can enrich the awareness of society in general in the province of South Kivu.

Talent is found in many pygmy boys and girls, through their singing and dancing. To generate the inclusion and participation of these young people we will have to make an extra effort. BIO-PAIX will focus on the Kabare, Idjwi and Kalehe groups.

We will have focal points who will disseminate the information in their communities. These people will be equipped with Android phones to help the pygmy boys and girls register. They will follow those who become BIO-PAIX participants, encouraging them to complete their tasks and helping them register and send them a WhatsApp. The presence of indigenous pygmy peoples will enrich the BIO-PAIX contest.

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