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Nominations and Awards

Nominaciones y Premios: Bienvenido


It is already in 191 countries on the five continents and it is being a success

Our desire is for as many people as possible to see it, generating action in others. Now he is in the selection of the Goya 2022, preparing the presentation to the Oscars and other festivals and competitions of international prestige.

Nominaciones y Premios: Texto


Nominations and Awards

Pablo de la Chica has made possible the magic of the documentary short film "Mama", presented at 19 festivals where he has had awards such as the Galway Film Fleach-Shorts Best International Documentary Short, Honorable Mention at Bannabáfest, is on the way to being a candidate to the Goya 2022 Awards and the 2022 Forqué Short Film Awards.

After the Goya and from here ... then there are the Oscars 2022 in the USA, where it has been included in the series "The New Yorker Documentary" of the magazine @NewYorker, being the first work published in Spanish.

Nominaciones y Premios: Quiénes somos
Candidato al mejor cortometraje documental - Premios Goya

Goya Awards 2022


Best Documentary Short Film

Selección Oficial AFI DOCS

AFI Docs 2021


Grand Jury Prize - Short Films

Ganador Festival Galway Film Fleadh

Galway Film Fleadh 2021


Best Documentary Short Film  International

Festival Internacional de cine de Huesca

Huesca Film Festival 2021


Best Documentary Short Film


Fimucité 2021


Best Documentary Soundtrack


BannabáFest 2021

Mention  honorary

Honorable Mention - Documentaries

Nominaciones y Premios: Clientes

Make a difference today

Nominaciones y Premios: Bienvenido


Pablo knows that MUTIMA is the only option for a large part of the Congolese people. He has lived with them and has been able to see their needs firsthand.

His commitment is to give a voice to those who are subjected.

Its intention is to obtain collaboration in the form of an economic contribution or through the dissemination of MUTIMA in Spain or any corner of the world, to support the effort of Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, and Itsaso Vélez del Burgo, the NGO COOPERA and those who with them make possible the life a priority, risking his own.

Nominaciones y Premios: Quiénes somos
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